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The Magnificent Threefold Lotus Sutra

An Open letter to World Leaders
On securring Peace & Security

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Threefold Lotus Kwoon is a life system combining elements of:

    1. The practice of the Ultimate of Buddhas' teachings, Nichiren School Lotus Sutra Buddhism for the awakening of your Essential Creative Core.
    2. The Fine Arts and Humanities. Painting, drawing, philosophy and music are fundamental components for developing a critical mind, problem solving, and discernment.
    3. Qigong for greater health and vitality by developing and controlling Qi (Chi), the body's bioelectric energy.
    4. Threefold Lotus Wushu training in Concentration, Taijiquan, Qigong, TLK Gungfu, and San Shou Kuai Jiao to train the body, mind, and Qi to develop and unite the inner and outer self.
San Shou Kuai Jiao

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This kwoon (honored place of teaching, learning and practice) is dedicated to the cultivation of excellent beings. There are many in this world who chose only to survive in this life. They are those who take action in their lives when forced or commanded to do so. What sorrowful and meaningless lives they live! The training in Quantum Life is a threefold path that demands development of the body, the mind and the spirit. This is not a religion. Religions deal only with belief systems. This is the domain of the ego only. Belief systems are used to cloud the mind and thereby render the body and spirit to slavery.

To be an excellent being one must learn to control one's own mind with clarity, to cleanse the body AND spirit.

There are many sports clubs and training centers in the world using the term "Martial Arts" or "Tantric" disciplines in various ways that are nothing more than gymnasiums for the purpose of physical play and competition. This is tragic and truly has nothing to do with enlightenment which is the bedrock of all Martial Arts.

The starting point of all training is the philosophy used to direct the practice and development of skills in Body, Mind, and mental fortitude or Spirit. In this Kwoon we strive for the ultimate of all teachings and goals and thereby use the Buddha's culminating teachings, clearly stated in the Lotus Sutra where the Buddha states that all his teachings of the first forty and more years were no longer of any use. Only the teachings of the Lotus Sutra would guarantee the people of the 2500 years after his passing to attain enlightenment directly, and in their current lifetime.

The basic truths and tenets of the teachings are well known and documented. Our mission at the TLK is to define, develop, and teach the life skills requisite for the proper intigration of these teachings to guide our successful life decisions and bring each individual to self-knowledge, confidence and fearlessness.

For more on the topics I have briefly noted, please use the following links for additional information.

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