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School of the Buddha teachings of the Lotus Flower of the Wonderful Law
Teaching lineage from Nagarjuna, Vasubandhu, Chih-Che (T'ien-t'ai), Saicho, Miao-Lo, Nichiren.
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Happiness, Joy, Fulfillment, and Success all result from a greater understanding of our true nature. Only then can we create unshakable joy and success in all our endeavors.


The New Kwoon is now OPEN!!! Construction of the first physical building in North America dedicated to the correct transmission of the Buddha's precious teachings is continuing and we need your generous support more than ever!
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Shannon MS, 38868-9054

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Remember to study BROADLY to achieve correct understanding and avoid manipulations and misinformation!

Fundamental Premise of the Threefold Lotus Kwoon

  1. We hold true that Life in all its aspects from human to universe, blade of grass to empty space, is a precious event to be revered and taken personally
  2. To create a peaceful, respectful, and mindful existence begins with individuals
  3. When a person is enlightened to their own possibilities, that person's mind is filled with greater depth of understanding of the preciousness of life and develops greater compassion and the ability to build value creating relationships
  4. Through the promotion and development of value creating relationships, better government is created
  5. Through better government, a more responsible view of the world and Life is promoted.
  6. Through the teaching and practice of the Arts, the TLK seeks to develop value creating individuals.

The Threefold Lotus Kwoon is a school of Humanities founded on Quantum Life Buddhist principles of a value creating life. People of all disciplines are welcomed here in a place with rolling hills and a nurturing environment of a select few for opportunity to grow and experience fully the "essential creative core".

You don't have to be a Buddhist to be a painter or sculptor. It is not necessary for you to be a Martial Artist in order to understand Buddhism. Being an Artist does not make you a Martial Artist. But the opportunity to "cross-polinate" all these is very powerful. To be a Martial Artist is to have a deep appreciation of movement, balance, and expression. To be an artist is to have a keenly discerning eye, a deep appreciation of form, balance, and expression. To be a Buddhist is to have a dedicated awareness and a deep appreciation for life, equanimity, and expression. You may chose only one path among these, and yet you will learn all three.

As the ancient sages have all taught in some form, we must experience and train our bodies, our minds, and our spirits to their maximum potential in order to develop "true" knowledge, "true" health, and "true" understanding that leads to compassion, strength, and fearlessness. A life well lived.

The core of the Quantum Life philosophy practiced at the Threefold Lotus Kwoon is the integration of the three basic elements of human life, namely the body, the mind, and the essential and innate creative core of our being. This creative core is the fundament upon which we build our beliefs, our epistemology and the basis for all our relations with the phenomenal world about us. The ultimate teachings of the Buddha provide the perfect framework to create a happy and fulfilled life.

We have adopted specific activities that excel at this integration to be the consistent and daily activities around which all other activities are structured. These activities of Taijiquan, Qigong, Buddhist practice (Nichiren School), Fine Arts Trainning, Science of Mind trainning, and Massage, have thousands of years history. These activities are all easy for anybody to begin, and offer an endless depth of skill and integration comensurate with the practitioners will.

We also offer books for self study and practice through www.lulu.com/kwoon with notable core books like "There is no I" ISBN: 978-0-557-12298-1 and "Beyond Zen" ISBN 978-0-6152-1292-0 availavble also on Amazon and other online retailers.

True Buddhism now available as EBOOK "Core Buddhism" at www.lulu.com/kwoon
True Buddhism, Tai Chi Chuan, skills center - TLK Books and Online Resource True Buddhism, Tai Chi Chuan, skills center - TLK Books and Online Resource

For more information on Quantum Life Teachings click here.

Big Book Buddhism, ISBN:978-0-557-52315-3"

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Fundamentals of Buddhism in modern Western terms  the latest revisions for Quantum Life Buddhist liturgy!  Beyond Zen ISBN 978-0-6152-1292-0  Big Book Buddhism, ISBN:978-0-557-52315-3

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A manifesto for Artists, Collectors, and anyone curious about the sources and responsibilities of creativity.

Resource for Quantum Life Buddhist Principles and teachings.


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