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To quote Buddha, from the Lotus Sutra,
"Then you should have it practiced widely in Jambudvipa, and make all the living observe, read, recite, copy, and adore it without fail. Because of this you will be made to attain perfect enlightenment rapidly."
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Lest we go the way of the Mayans whose avarice along with environmental factors simple exhausted all the resources they themselves required to survive and thereby died out in starvation and cannibalism; we must stop the cravings, endless desires and greed driving the decimation of our planet today.

As we witness the ceaseless attack on our eco system it is all too obfuscated and even ignored that we are cutting off the branch on which we sit. It is exactly as the Buddha described. All suffering is born of selfish cravings, attachment to possessions and emotional thrill. Armageddon, the Apocalypse, End of Days, all these and more are simply terms for the devastation and suffering humans bring unto themselves. The demonic or omniscient force doing this to us is greed. Ignorance, voluntary or otherwise, of our true responsibility, and our true ability to simply change and quell our ravenous desires is the one and only source for all suffering!

Let's stop this madness. Of course it is not easy. But that is all the more reason to begin now, today, this very moment, to catch our “selves” and rest control from our desires, our cravings, and all avarice. We can and must find beauty again in the simple things of life. I don't mean to lead a charge to previous days of squalor and struggle in the fields and with no indoor plumbing. That is again attachment of equal ignorance. We, the people of the world, MUST live responsibly. We must reorganize our cities and towns to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Too many cars and too many miles. Too little solar and wind power and intelligent building practices. Do you really need a cell phone? Text-ing and blogg-ing every minute of the day? Build a garden, a greenhouse, alfalfa sprouts in your window. Whatever you are capable of at whatever scale, DO IT. You do not require dozens of shoes, the latest in games, and the newest this or that. Learn again how to buy and make smartly. Make things last, appreciate what you have, and learn how to control your brilliantly constructed consumer-mindset. There are so many aspects of this avarice that is constantly bombarding us on television and in our daily lives that it is a huge task to undertake. And yet, our choice is to simply run out. Expire in the most horrible way, starving, hiding from marauders, and worse...

I am not asking you to believe in Global Warming, or an Energy Crisis, or Deforestation and Desertification, the World Food Crisis, or Disease Pandemics shifting through geographical boundaries and jumping species. You can get plenty of all that from broadcast media, the internet, and books etc...

What I am simply stating in a contemporaneous way is a reiteration of the teaching of Buddha. If you experience suffering, it is because of your attachments, desires, and cravings. And if you can understand that, then it is also obvious that to stop the suffering, you need only stop the cravings. This does not mean you cannot enjoy yourself or be happy. The fact is that true happiness, true joy comes not from those things we crave, but from those things we experience free from desires, craving, and attachment. When we experience Love, and beauty, and compassion, we feel more deeply, more profoundly, more "real" sensation of life than can ever be realized through purchase or negotiation.

We must vote and be active in the affairs of our communities. We must voice our opinions and influence the behaviors in our own families. This is where it begins. From responsible and joyful households will come responsible and joyful communities, cities, local governments and counties. Remaining diligent, this influence will change state leadership and on up to the House and Senate. We cannot stop corruption and special interests at the Washington DC level if we have not raised and influenced the people who serve there to discriminate and drive away the vultures of greed and avarice. “From small seeds grow the mighty Oak”.

I will do my utmost to continue providing excerpts and teachings from the Buddha teachings to assist in your pursuit of this "real" joy and security. I am just a man. I am a man who studies as he has for decades the ways of man and for the past 22 years the teachings of Buddha. I too am working diligently to vanquish my cravings and nurture my true "self". It is a journey, and the tools of the Buddha teachings provide the building blocks of the path to liberation from suffering.

I will share them and talk about them with you to the best of my ability. That is my promise to myself and to all of you. Please help me to do so by supporting the Threefold Lotus Kwoon.

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