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Guidance and Letters

Quantum Life practice is a life altering path to greater awareness and ultimately leading to an enlightened awareness of all life.
Because increased awareness brings with it many new experiences, students of Quantum Life often have very similar questions and obstacles to their continued efforts and learning.
The Guidance, Letters, essays, and thoughts in these pages are intended as a guide to those confronting the challenges and the joys of the practice of Quantum Life Buddhism. Many students choose to write their experiences to Reverend Sylvain in the form of questions, or requests, or even challenges. These are included in the Background of each response to allow better understanding of the guidance given.
It is our hope, by providing these communications and essays, to help all who practice the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, a firm base of understanding for the achievement of excellent beings throughout the world.

A Recent Example

A good well meaning friend sent me and email with an excerpt from an online money making scam pretending to give spiritual advice. The online site seems to be called "Daily Om".
Here is a partial quote:
The creative power of the universe is infinite. A single molecule's destiny is as important as the consequences of the largest supernova. Human potential is subject to this power, but because we are sentient beings, each of us is permitted to choose whether we will struggle against it or work in tandem with it. When we give voice to our desires through focused meditation or solicit the help of spirit guides, we draw upon the universe's creative power to achieve certain ends. However, because our words are not all the universe hears, the response we receive may surprise us. The discourse we establish through our appeals is a blend of speech, thought, intention, and subconscious reflection. When we ask the universe for something, the unspoken message is that what we want does not exist, and the universe accepts this as truth. Conversely, we manifest completeness through affirmations in which we declare our desires as if we have already obtained them.

And it blathers on and on in "New Age" blather-speak....
Here is my response to her email...

The universe wants you to have this or that...the universe wants... geeeeeezz Lynn!
Just substitute the word universe for Jesus, God, Allah, Ein Sof, Mala, or whatever....
The Buddha taught that there simply is no "other". It is simply impossible. In fact there is no "self" or "I" as we crave there to be in this physical instantiation. This is the base root, the primary apriora of all our suffering! Because we crave an "I" or a "Mine" or a universe/god/jesus/allah/etc... providing for us, we suffer interminably.

The Buddha teaches that we are an endless string of minute moments strung together. Those moments are built upon previous moments and in the same way lead to new moments. there is no past or future other than that referenced or caused by the current moment which is already gone.

Because these moments are constructed solely on tendencies and conditions amalgamated into a stream of actions ("person"); a consciousness of this or that particular stream arises("individuals"). This consciousness is arisen from those same conditions and tendencies as the stream and thereby also confined by those same tendencies ("personality"). Each moment is a cognitive capture of this stream as it flows from one moment into another (perceived as a "self").

Our true "identity" lies beneath that finite set of tendencies and cognitive moments. Our "true" Life is something free of tendencies, which contains all potential and non-potential beyond even the sea one might grasp for in defining the "source" of the streams....

To grasp this is to free one's "self", of attachment or craving. To grasp this is to no longer be confined by the tendencies or conditions or cognitions. No More Suffering. When we retrain our minds to "see" itself amongst the constructs of itself, that we are a field of potential migrating through experiences of our own imaginings, that the appeasement of those tendencies giving rise to a narrow illusion of a self, and ego, we glimpse at the vastness and minutia of "reality", this is awakening. When all is the precious abundance of all potential limited only by craving this or that, tremendous compassion wells up and overtakes any "desire" for "other" in any form. We are complete, happy, joy filled, unfettered, and love itself.

There is only one wish granting jewel, and it is the cleared mind. Once awakened, the mind is no longer a tool of tendencies organizing the cognitive moments. It is mutated into quiescent awareness, and no longer needed.

It takes a tremendous amount of love to do this I think. Courage to go deeply into one's epistemology, not to fix, but just to view, with as much objectivity as possible, to begin to "see" the connections, the tendencies....that give rise to our perceptions of self. Once we can "see" those tendencies, we can begin to "see" beyond them to a possible clearing....That clearing is where we are truely from....

I truly hope this helps get you back on track and clarifies a few critical points for you.

All my Love and Respect,

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