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The Ultimate Mandala

We are now living in a time when our capacities have evolved by huge margins over the times of Mediaeval Japan. In fact, I believe that there has never been a time in history when humans have been so consumed by their solitary identity. The idea of lineage hardly harkens back to ones parents, let alone formal tradition.

This is why I believe we find ourselves, all across the world, in crisis. Will we blindly follow the marketed, egotistical version of our identity, sold to us by the products we use each day, the cars we drive, the "developments" we live in, the clothes, styles, and technologies we use? Or do we take that same uncorked energy, conviction, and all our perceptive powers to come to our true identity, our true self, our most wise, liberated and immaculate identity of our inherent, Buddha-nature?

All we need do is what the Buddha taught all along. I advocate nothing new here. This is not my revision of the past, nor is it my interpretation. The remainder of this book will be all quotations from the Buddha's teachings, Nichiren and T'ien-T'ai. All will be a starting point for you to make up your own mind. The ultimate mandala, the Gohonzon, must simply contain the Buddha Law, the "Law of all Buddha's". This and only this is the true and correct practice as taught by the Buddha some 2500 to 3000 years ago. We are now in the latter day of the Law. That LAW is NAMUMYOHORENGEKYO.

Buddhism is the practice of applying the ultimate truth to our daily life. The Ultimate truth is that we are the sole creators of life eternal. To awaken to this truth requires the training of one’s mind to shed the veils of misperception in our minds. This training is accomplished by chanting the name, sound, and essence of the Buddha Law, Namumyohorengekyo. In this practice, the focusing aid of the ultimate mandala or Gohonzon will demonstrably increase results.


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