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 :   Table of Contents
  1. Volume One
  2. Volume Two
  3. Volume Three
  4. What is Daimoku
  5. On Becoming
  6. The Buddha's Work
  7. A Debt of Gratitude
  8. Longing for Masters
  9. Samsara and the Ego
  10. Samsaric Opportunity
  11. Singlemindedly desire to see the Buddha
  12. The Two Great Concepts
  13. Pain of ending friendships
  14. The Buddha's Teaching
  15. Broad Study but Focused Practice
  16. Merits of Teaching the Law

Guidance and Letters

Quantum Life practice is a life altering path to greater awareness and ultimately leading to an enlightened awareness of all life.
Because increased awareness brings with it many new experiences, students of Quantum Life often have very similar questions and obstacles to their continued efforts and learning.
The Guidance, Letters, essays, and thoughts in these pages are intended as a guide to those confronting the challenges and the joys of the practice of Quantum Life Buddhism. Many students choose to write their experiences to Reverend Sylvain in the form of questions, or requests, or even challenges. These are included in the Background of each response to allow better understanding of the guidance given.
It is our hope, by providing these communications and essays, to help all who practice the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, a firm base of understanding for the achievement of excellent beings throughout the world.

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