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TLK Life Skills & Arts Center Mission
to provide, protect, and promote;

Activities and Skills to nurture maximum Potential
in MIND, BODY, & the Essential CREATIVE CORE

We will achieve this Mission through Activities, Resources, and ART as follows:

    • Instruction and Opportunity
    • Arts instruction
    • Arts Exhibitions
    • Theatre and Music Events
    • Residency Opportunities (short and extended)
    • Quantum Life Activities
    • Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan), Chi Gong (Qigong)
    • Meditation
    • TLK Resources
    • Study Library of books and teachings
    • Facilities for exhibition of Original Artwork by Living Artists
      free from censorship of ideologies or content
    • Online and In-house listing of Artists
      Resource for artists and those seeking them Online
    • Low cost access to facilities and services
      to support emerging artists and local School students
    • Custom programs for liberation and development of the "creative core"
    • Demonstrate a self-sustaining environment while nurturing the preciousness of life
      beginning on a 15 acre bucolic site in Northeast Mississippi
    • To raise funds for the continued operation and expansion
      of the Threefold Lotus Kwoon presence throughout the world

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Other activities at the Center

              • Comedy
              • Film Festivals
              • Poetry and other readings
              • Special Events
              • Symposia
              • Martial Arts


TLK Life Skills & Arts Center is developed as a Not-For-Profit Teaching Center.
Persons interested in participating as financial supporters
and officers and / or Board members are asked to contact
TLK Founder Sifu, Sylvain Chamberlain-Nyudo for By Laws and other