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The new home of the Threefold Lotus Kwoon and Sanctuary

In Old Union Mississippi, about 15 acres...
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We need your donations to continue building!
Here are the critical buildings we must complete...

The Quantum Life Buddhist Temple & Martial Arts Facility

The Art Studio Facility by the Pond

The Equipment Barn and Garage

Be a part of building our Quantum Life Resource Center! in Mississippi.

Donations of $50.00 US or more, will receive a certificate of appreciation.
All donations are tax deductable.

Or send a check or money order to:
Threefold Lotus Kwoon
191A CR 455, Shannon MS, 38868


Also, you can support and participate by purchasing TLK Study material:

"True Buddhism" 9780557258567
"There is no I" 9780557122981
"Beyond ZEN" 9780615212920
"Science of Mind" 9781435731059

plus study materials on Nagarjuna and Kumarajiva and more...



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