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The new home of the Threefold Lotus Kwoon and Sanctuary

In Old Union Mississippi, about 15 acres...
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This is my first garden and learning experience!!...

So far an increadible experience...

Here is the garden out back, with contemporary scarecrow
The corn is already gone but the Okra and Cucumber are outta sight!

I have three varieties of tomatoes from fat little sweet to ruby red and extra large rainbow all growing in pots...



Here is the garden output of Okra and Cucumber every TWO DAYS!!!
I am starting to pickle finally!

and there is the Bak Choy and the Collards, more pics...


Oh...and there's the eggplant and small tree farming I am doing too...

Here is an update on the Okra and some additional LandScaping...
The Okra is getting taller and prettier!

The flowers are beautiful

A New privacy hedge to grow to 30 feet tall with these "Green Giant Thuja"
We planted 42 of them along the South edge of the property...

And the Eastern hedge gets an upgrade with "Euonymous" between all the "Arborvitae"...



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