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The new home of the Threefold Lotus Kwoon and Sanctuary

In Old Union Mississippi, about 15 acres...
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Workin' in this heat is Roof I tell ya' Roof Roof...

Took a break and drove out to see a new ART Gallery! in Blue Springs...
Here is a picture of the Town Hall and Library building across the street from the Gallery...
No, REALLY! Look closely, I'm not kiding!

enough said...The Sun is up

And the humidity is up too...

Don't they call us French Canadians, "Frogs"?

Lots of roofing to do...

First the tar paper with a nail at every 6 inches!...

And then the ecologically responsible, recycled, repaintable, Ondura Roofing!....

Add trim wood

And Paint!

I got a new spray rig for house painting, very cool...

Yes Sandra, I didn't forget the carport :-)

In case you are wondering How I am getting all this plywood and roofing into the air
all by my lonesome, well, I built a special rig!
Thanks for the truck dad...

A little more trim and we'll be there

And the building is lookin' good too...


There is more trim and detailed woodwork to be applied to the exterior
Let alone the Portico and deck system I have planned around the remaider
of the house...All in time



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